You can add a document from the Dashboard OR the Document manager by clicking the "+" button as shown below :

Cant see the "+" button? 
The owner of the account hasn't given you permission to add new documents to the account and therefore you can only edit or view existing documents shared with you.

On the Add document page, you can enter the following information:

  • Name* - an easy to recognise name for your document
  • Reference - if you have a document identity, such as an insurance policy number, enter it here
  • Tag(s) - select from the available document tags
  • Valid from* - select a date that the document is valid from
  • Expiry* - if the document expires on a specific date, enter here, otherwise select the "Not applicable" check-box
  • Description - if you want to enter a more detailed description or notes for your document, enter it here
  • File - if you upload a file it will show here, however you can still create a document container as a placeholder without adding a file. You can come back to the document container at any time to add a file.

Fields marked with * are required information.

The Document owner field is not editable.

For all further enquiries please submit a support ticket