TrackMyRisks was specifically designed for fast and high volume deployment through partners involved in the provision of risk management services (Insurance, Legal, Health & Safety, IT Support etc). We chose a partnership business model for 3 specific reasons:

1. SME businesses (globally) are exposed to too much unnecessary risk. Identifying and managing down these risks is simple and inexpensive with TrackMyRisks. The business benefits from risk reduction, as do all of their stakeholders (Investors, Insurers, Lenders, Customers etc). The faster we can reach them, the fewer will suffer from damaging incidents that could have been avoided.

2. Business owners love the peace of mind that TrackMyRisks gives them. Many even find it helpful with winning new business. This positive reaction reflects well on our partners who provide TrackMyRisks as a customer benefit.

3. TrackMyRisks reduces operating costs for our partners through improved client communication and the automation of recurring tasks

To find out more about becoming a TrackMyRisks distribution partner, please contact us by submit a support ticket