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List / Report of Documents and assigned owners/admin contacts

To populate the platform we used a list of documents with the category headers below . It would be very helpful to be able to generate this as a report from the platform, rather than to have to maintain a separate document outside of it. The purpose of this is summary view of all the documents and assigned owners. I imagine this would be beneficial for other users of the platform as well



Policy Number

Renewal Date

Business Owner

Administrative Contact

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Thank you for your suggestion Anthony.

Currently we are working on a number of enhancements to the Document Manager view, which will give you much better visibility on who has access to each document and who is in control of it. Ideally, we are trying to develop the functionality within the platform to make it very easy to see the key information at a glance and carry out important tasks quickly, without having to keep creating reports and downloads.

Our aim is to keep users in the platform to carry out all day-to-day tasks, thereby maintaining focus in one place rather than creating a plethora of downloads in different places, which is a key problem our platform aims to solve.

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